World’s top pension fund treads water

While its peers around the world have cut fossil-fuel investments and threatened to pull funds from firms that fail to meet ethical standards, the GPIF, constrained by stricter legal restraints


LGIM DC business and L&G Master Trust commit to net zero

These targets are designed to reflect the beginning of alignment with the Paris Agreement goal to limit warming to 1.5C and will be reviewed "periodically" in-line with the best available science-based approaches and industry practice.


Pension savers rank ESG issues as top concern

Almost one in five, around 18 per cent, placed highest importance on financial services companies ensuring their investments have a positive impact on society over the long term.


LPF promotes ESG credentials as funding level exceeds 100%

The fund stated that it had urged the government to align the Retail Price Index (RPI) with the Consumer Price Index including owner occupier housing costs (CPIH) by 2025 or 2030 in order to reduce uncertainty about the future of inflation.